Welcome Author Joyful Noise to the SolaPress family

Author Joyful NoiseI’m proud to announce that author Joyful Noise has joined SolaPress Publishing.

Writing under a pen name, Joyful says she chose not to use her own name so that people don’t get distracted by her as a person and forget to focus on the messages she’s trying to share.

“I’ve seen too many people get caught up on the messenger and miss the message. I used to belong to a church where folk seemed to worship the pastor more than God,” she shared with me.

Joyful will be writing a series of Christian devotionals with the title, “Devotionals for People Who Sin.”

When I asked her about the title, she said the following:

“This Christian walk isn’t without tests and trials, no matter what the prosperity pimps will try to tell you, and too many people fall away from God because they can’t live a perfect life. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need a Savior, and we sin daily because that’s a part of this human condition. My devotionals are designed to help regular people understand that God knows us and He knows we will mess up. However, that same God loves us, and He’ll be there for us when we get up and find our way back to Him.”

When I asked Joyful why she chose to work with SolaPress Publishing, she said the following:

“The set-up fee is reasonable, I like that I can keep 90% of my profits, and I’m not currently interested in publishing physical books. Tie all that up into the package with the fact that SolaPress doesn’t make me sign any long-term, far-reaching contract, and I felt it was the best fit for me at the present time. If things work out like I think they will, I won’t be going anywhere else to publish, but I like that I am able to do so if I want to.”

Stay tuned for the first volume of “7 Days of Short-Story Devotionals” by Joyful Noise.

Here’s a peek at one image from the book:


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