SolaPress Publishing releases “Cardinal Rule: A Short Story” by Joey Pinkney

Cardinal Rule: A Short Story by Joey PinkneyLoving someone doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after.

SolaPress Publishing is pleased to announce the eBook release of Cardinal Rule: A Short Story by award-winning author Joey Pinkney.

Teddy and Earline couldn’t be more different. He’s a jokester. She demonstrates poise. In each other’s company, they make for an interesting mixture while conversing over a quick date outside an ice cream shop. Will Earline define love and, in the process, define her relationship with Teddy? Or will Teddy melt Earline’s heart before she finishes her strawberry ice cream?

Cardinal Rule: A Short Story shares a moment in time between a man and a woman who are as close to each other as they are different. Between the jokes, the flirting and the debates, they go back and forth like an old couple. Truths are revealed when they chat about their shared childhood, having a love life in their thirties and what their future may hold. Simply put, Teddy and Earline’s personalities are as distinct as his chocolate shake and her strawberry ice cream. This multi-layered story makes for an engrossing reading experience that can be finished in thirty minutes or less.

Joey PinkneyJoey Pinkney has been an active participant in the book industry for over a decade – and has been writing for even longer. His first published book review came in 2004 in a local newspaper in Nashville, TN. Since then, Joey has reviewed books for various book industry websites. He also maintains a popular author interview and book review series.

Joey favors writing short stories, novellas and essays over longer pieces. His short stories have been published in various anthologies and compilations. His other SolaPress Publishing release is entitled Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story.

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