2) eBook w/ ISBN

In addition to your book appearing on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords,your title will also appear on:

  • iTunes

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: All documents sent for conversion should be submitted in Microsoft Word 1997-2003 (.doc) format. Your document will not be accepted in any other format to include .docx, .pdf, .txt or .rtf.

The setup fee is based on the cost of your ISBN and the word count of your document:

  •   6,500 words or less = $225
  •   6,501 – 12,500 words = $270
  • 12,501 – 18,500 words = $330
  • 18,501 – 24,500 words = $390
  • 24,501 – 30,500 words = $450
IMAGES: Excluding the image for your bookcover, there will be an added fee of five dollars ($5) per image contained in the content of your book.

Products/services included in this option:

In addition to assigning an ISBN to your eBook, SolaPress will make sure your content meets the specifications to be released in the following formats:

  • HTML
  • MOBI (Kindle)
  • EPUB (NOOK, Kobo, iBookstore)
  • PDF

Because of each eBook provider’s differing requirements, you cannot simply submit the same document to every provider. SolaPress is very familiar with what each eBook provider requires, and you won’t have to concern yourself with trying to figure out each provider’s process and specifications.

To find out information about getting paid, commissions, setting the price of your book, etc., please read the FAQs!