Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. The contract you sign with SolaPress is for each book you publish through us, but the contract does not preclude you from publishing your other books with other companies. We hope you’ll publish all your books through SolaPress, but this is not mandatory. You will have an opportunity to read through the contract prior […]

If my book has already been formatted, can I get a discount on the setup fee?

No. SolaPress would be remiss in its responsibilities if it did not check every document published under its name. We will not take anyone’s word for it that some other person and/or company has properly formatted documents published by SolaPress. Please note that formatting your document and editing your document is two different things. We […]

Why is there an additional fee for images in my content?

Images take more time to manipulate in order for them to appear correctly in your content. This is especially true for images in eBooks. Because of reflow, images can end up appearing on separate pages from where they were intended to show, or images could create blank pages. In order to make sure the least […]

Why is there an option to have my eBook published with or without an ISBN?

Some eBook providers require that your eBook have an ISBN, but many do not. If you’d like to be sure your eBook is offered through every avenue possible, then you’ll want to invest in an ISBN for your eBook. Back to the FAQs I’m ready to get started!

What if I decide to purchase the eBook w/ ISBN option and then I decide I don’t want to have an ISBN attached to my eBook?

Please choose your publishing option carefully. Once you purchase an ISBN, and that ISBN has been assigned to your book, you will not be entitled to a refund for that ISBN, nor can that ISBN be assigned to a different book. SolaPress will contact you before assigning the ISBN, to give you another opportunity to […]

Can I use the same ISBN for the same book in two different formats?

No. An ISBN can only be assigned to one book format. You must assign one ISBN to your printed book and another ISBN to your eBook, even if both books have the same title and the same content. It is the format, not the title and content, that requires a unique identifier, which is what […]

I don't have Microsoft Word 2003. May I submit my document in any other format?

SolaPress will only accept your document as a .doc file. Under other services, there is an option to pay an additional fee to have your document converted to to .doc file. If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, change the “Save as” type to Microsoft Word 97-2003 and the saved file will be […]

Who sets the selling price of my book?

You set the price of your eBook. Back to the FAQs I’m ready to get started!

How much of my profits does SolaPress keep as its fee?

SolaPress will deduct and keep 10% of your profits of each sale of your eBook. You will have access to an author’s area on SolaPress, so you can monitor your sales, profits and payouts. Third-party providers deduct fees from each sale of your book, and SolaPress has no control over this. The amount you receive […]

Does my eBook have to have an ISBN?

No. Your eBook does not have to have an ISBN, which is why SolaPress offers an option that does not require you to purchase an ISBN for your eBook. There are some retailers, like Apple and Sony, who will not “carry” your eBook without an ISBN. If you want to make sure your eBook appears […]