SolaPress Publishing releases “Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story” by Joey Pinkney

What happens when you lose almost everything with which you identify? SolaPress Publishing is pleased to announce the ebook release of Children in the City of the Fallen Towers: A Short Story by award-winning author Joey Pinkney. This historical-fiction piece peeks into the post-9/11 life of a Puerto Rican preteen named Mia and her big […]

SolaPress Publishing releases “Cardinal Rule: A Short Story” by Joey Pinkney

Loving someone doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after. SolaPress Publishing is pleased to announce the eBook release of Cardinal Rule: A Short Story by award-winning author Joey Pinkney. Teddy and Earline couldn’t be more different. He’s a jokester. She demonstrates poise. In each other’s company, they make for an interesting mixture while conversing over a […]

Welcome Author Joyful Noise to the SolaPress family

I’m proud to announce that author Joyful Noise has joined SolaPress Publishing. Writing under a pen name, Joyful says she chose not to use her own name so that people don’t get distracted by her as a person and forget to focus on the messages she’s trying to share. “I’ve seen too many people get […]

Unholy Days by Joey Pinkney

The Bronson family is just like any other American family: flawed, connected by blood and marriage and set in their ways. Carter Bronson and his wife Camille are documentarians who have landed a potentially lucrative opportunity that will take them throughout Africa for the next year. Their 14-year-old son Carter Junior, aka CJ, must be […]

Shook by Maxine Brothers

To the world outside her home, Kara is a professional student. She has multiple degrees and seems to be interested in acquiring more. To the world inside her home, Kara is a stone-cold, 30-year-old assassin. When her mother is killed, she decides it’s time to get out of “The Life,” but she’s planning to leave […]

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. The contract you sign with SolaPress is for each book you publish through us, but the contract does not preclude you from publishing your other books with other companies. We hope you’ll publish all your books through SolaPress, but this is not mandatory. You will have an opportunity to read through the contract prior […]

If my book has already been formatted, can I get a discount on the setup fee?

No. SolaPress would be remiss in its responsibilities if it did not check every document published under its name. We will not take anyone’s word for it that some other person and/or company has properly formatted documents published by SolaPress. Please note that formatting your document and editing your document is two different things. We […]

Why is there an additional fee for images in my content?

Images take more time to manipulate in order for them to appear correctly in your content. This is especially true for images in eBooks. Because of reflow, images can end up appearing on separate pages from where they were intended to show, or images could create blank pages. In order to make sure the least […]

Why is there an option to have my eBook published with or without an ISBN?

Some eBook providers require that your eBook have an ISBN, but many do not. If you’d like to be sure your eBook is offered through every avenue possible, then you’ll want to invest in an ISBN for your eBook. Back to the FAQs I’m ready to get started!

What if I decide to purchase the eBook w/ ISBN option and then I decide I don’t want to have an ISBN attached to my eBook?

Please choose your publishing option carefully. Once you purchase an ISBN, and that ISBN has been assigned to your book, you will not be entitled to a refund for that ISBN, nor can that ISBN be assigned to a different book. SolaPress will contact you before assigning the ISBN, to give you another opportunity to […]