About SolaPress

Before SolaPress there was Sola Mente Publishing.

I started Sola Mente Publishing, because I decided I wanted my own publishing company for publishing my own books.

I don’t think any one person, or even a team of people, should get to decide what hundreds, thousands, millions of people should and shouldn’t read.

Once I went through the trial-and-error process of publishing my own books in electronic and printed formats, I decided I wanted to help others publish their books at a reasonable price and without having to forfeit a majority of their earnings to a publisher, especially when it’s the authors who do most of the hard work; creating the content.

SolaPress’ mission is simple

I help you get published, and the readers decide what they like.

That’s it. That’s all.

Please note that SolaPress does not publish documents over 35,000 words. This allows us to keep the setup fees reasonable, and it also helps us work with more authors.

I refuse to help anyone publish any work that I find to be plagiarized and/or that is available in the public domain. I also will not help anyone publish content that is illegal, unethical and/or immoral. I respect your right to freedom of expression, but that kind of content will not be made available on/by/through SolaPress.